Posted on April 14 2019


What inspired you to start She’s Got Wonder?

When I was younger, I danced competitively, did theatre, dabbled in photography and writing, made youtube videos, etc. I took every class that was art related but I ended up going to culinary school because I decided that I wanted become a chef when I was 8. Once I was out of culinary school, I started working at a restaurant and I just felt super uninspired. I just knew I couldn’t do it anymore and I missed art so I left the food industry.

I was in this weird transitional phase, trying to figure out what the hell I was doing. I needed an outlet to express all of my creativity so I started pitching to different websites and none of them accepted my work. It made me feel shitty, like the art world was this elitist thing, and it sucked for people like me who just wanted to share without feeling like I was under qualified or didn’t belong. So then I decided to build my own safe space where other emerging artists or anyone who has the creative itch can share their art without judgment and be celebrated. That’s how She’s Got Wonder was born.

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