An Intimate Moment with Anny

Meet Anny. The gorgeous and talented model behind PRADEGAL's first Fall '18 Look. We had the opportunity to really get to know the sweet 25 year old Colombian born - Toronto raised aspiring actress.


Occupation: Model, Aspiring Actress
Favorite place you’ve visited: Colombia (my home)
Favorite Fall Trend(s)? Oversized Wool Coat – Or anything cozy.
Favorite PRADEGAL pieces: BONNIE Crop Top & LINA Floral Mini Dress
How would you describe your personal style? "Honestly, my style is based on my mood. On an “off-day, I’ll wear a comfortable, simple dress with sneakers and my hair tied back. But, I also love trying new trends and whatever looks good on me.
What inspired you to become an actress? “When I was growing up, I had a great childhood but there were issues within the home that caused me a lot of anxiety. The one thing that gave me a piece of mind was watching movies. It took me away from everything else and it helped with my anxiety and a lot of the things I was dealing with. So, then I decided that I wanted to become apart of the “thing” that has helped me get through my hard times”
Favorite Movie?: “I don’t really have a favorite movie. But, I love action movies!”
How do you practice self-care? “I’m very self-aware. If I know something is off, or if I feel a little more anxious then I know I need a break, and I’ll need to do something that relaxes me. I’ll notice the little triggers and so ill respond to them in an appropriate way”
“We become successful on our own terms. I think success means doing things that make you happy. My main goal is to be able to support myself financially by doing the things that make me happy like acting and modelling. But, I’m also doing things that aren’t within that because I still need to pay bills. I don’t know – I guess I’m just trying to enjoy the ride and it’s taken me awhile to really understand and apply that into my life.”
Who or what motivates you? "My mom. Just talking to her about what I’ve achieved so far makes me feel motivated. My older sister, Pily - She's 10 years older than me and has been through a lot as well, especially after my fathers passing, and has always inspired me to work hard and keep pushing forward no matter what. Another person who has been a big part of my life and has also been there for me is my friend Rob. He’s like a father figure/friend/mentor. He has definitely been there for me. He’s never doubted me."


What helps you unwind? "My home. I would go back to my apartment, put on a movie and make some food. Oh, and write a realistic ‘TO-DO’ list so that my life doesn’t feel so chaotic. I write things down like “What do I need to change?” etc.